Orange Reflective Tape

Item Advertisement grade, Engineering grade, High intensity grade, High intensity prismatic grade
Type PET, Acrylic, PC or PVC type
Color Orange

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Orange reflective tape FAQ guide

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Make you more visible in hazardous workplaces with the Orange Reflective Tape from YGM, In addition to their vivid daytime visibility, these tapes also feature reflective properties for nighttime use. We provide outdoor-rated tape that has a life expectancy of 7 years. This tape has a strong adhesive that sticks to virtually any clean, dry and smooth surface. Products with hazardous stripes are coated with a protective lamination to keep the printed stripes from wearing off over time. Removable release liner comes with the tape.


We manufacture durable, reflective tape that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It sticks to most smooth, clean, dry surfaces. It’s best to proceed after testing in a non-conspicuous area. It is possible to remove this tape. You may be able to remove some adhesive residue with detergent, depending on the surface. There is also a chance that the adhesive will remove dirt from the surface, leaving behind a residue. Purchasing should be tested in a non-conspicuous area first. Here is our FAQ Guide to answer all your questions about reflective tape.

Overview of orange reflective safety tape

Figure 1 Reflective Tape Orange Strips

Figure 1: Reflective Tape Orange Strips

Use reflective tape orange to warn and mark hazardous areas both indoors and outdoors. In low light or hard to see areas, it is very visible in comparison to standard tape. Trucks use it around their table top areas, in conjunction with rear marking plates, so that the vehicle’s movement and operation can be clearly viewed.

  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive and a liner are included so you can peel and stick it.
  • Glossy surface
  • Useable indoors or outdoors at temperatures ranging from -40 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. (Applicable at a minimum of 40°F.)

Its main features

Figure 2 Reflective Tape (Orange)

Figure 2: Reflective Tape (Orange)

  • The vinyl has glass beads on the surface and a permanent adhesive on the back.
  • Over laminates protect colors and provide abrasion resistance.
  • Easily applied. This product sticks to any clean, dry surface. Clearly mark aisles, lanes, and safety zones. Helps identify potential hazardous areas with a highly visible solution.
  • Suitable for use on machinery, fire equipment, doors, handrails, electrical equipment, low beams, docks, and floors.
  • You can color code and identify aisles, walkways, indoor traffic lines, danger zones, boundaries, doorways, and anything else you would like to mark.

The maximum durability of orange retro- reflective tape is achieved when:

  1. Procedures are followed according to recommendations.
  2. Surfaces that are vertical are marked.

Various tests will be done to determine durability, including actual customer use, field testing, exterior exposure, and artificial weathering.

The following techniques can reduce durability if not followed:

  1. Markings are not cut around rivets, seams, or body panels.
  2. Using high-pressure cleaning improperly.
  3. Chemical spills or solvent spills.
  4. A lack of preparation or improper application of the product.

Advantages of the product

  • Durable Reflective Tape -Our reflective tape is made from high-quality, durable materials that will not wear out over time, and won’t tear and fade easily.
  • Bright And Visible – With a 1.5-inch width, this vinyl tape is stronger, easier to use, and 25% more visible than ordinary vinyl tape. Suitable for neon ribbons and plastic streamers.
  • Adaptable Outdoor Tape – This tape can be applied in a variety of ways. The tape can be used in road signs, vehicles, billboards, etc.
  • Easy To Use- Make something more visible with our reflective tape on your property. Mark buildings, cars, pavements, and other projects with hazard tape.

Application of the reflective tape

There are many applications for orange retroreflective tape, including barriers, fences, machines, etc., where safety in a low-lit environment is paramount. Easy application is made possible with the pressure sensitive self-adhesive backing on this Reflective Tape. It sticks to any clean, smooth, dry surface as well as bends to fit curved or angled surfaces. There are also the following applications:

    • It is commonly used to mark out areas visually by tying it to road cones or traffic cones.
    • It can be tied between pedestrian barriers where there are gaps.
    • The doors of garages are often covered with this material.
    • Temporary pedestrian walkways can be marked with this product.
    • Temporary queue marking.

Application instructions:

We offer Orange Reflective Marking Tapes made from a high-quality vinyl for internal and external use. It is important to ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free of dust or oils. Make sure you apply even pressure across the tape to ensure there are no air bubbles and pay particular attention to the edges. Using cleaning substances over the tape is not recommended.

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