Luminous Sew On Reflective Tape

Reflective Coefficient >50 CPL
Luminous Intensity >1500 cd/lx/㎡
Attachment Type Sew On
Color Fluo Yellow or any color
Feature It can meet the needs of multiple properties, such as Luminescent Reflective, FR, Dull Polish, Mirror Luminescent, etc.

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Luminous sew on reflective tape FAQ guide

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YGM has been developing the science behind retroreflection for many years, and has been making significant contributions to the field. As part of our commitment to workplace safety, we continue to develop innovative reflective materials. All of our products are bright, durable, and of the highest quality, with worldwide technical, marketing, and lab support.

When a light source illuminates Luminous Sew On Reflective Tape, it helps the eye perceive objects in low-light situations. Light rays are reflected according to their direction of origin with Luminous Sew On Reflective Tape. Retroreflective materials appear brightest when observed close to the original light source. Due to the very limited scattering of light when the light is returned, retroreflective materials increase the contrast shown by the wearer to an observer who is near the light source.

Luminous Sew On Reflective Tape FAQ guide will answer your questions about it.

Introduction to luminous sew on reflective tape

Figure 1 Luminous Sew On Reflective Tape

Figure 1:  Luminous Sew On Reflective Tape

A reflective and photoluminescent surface combine to form this innovative product. This reflective tape is visible in low light environments when it’s exposed to strong light sources like car headlamps or flashlights, just like traditional reflective tape. It has two luminescent outer sections, each 12,5mm wide, that light up in the dark when there is no light.

The reflective properties of this tape are compatible with the EN ISO 20471:2013 standard, so it can be used in professional applications such as safety vests and work clothes. The device can also be used for other activities that require visibility in dark areas such as biking, jogging, Nordic walking and similar.

The tape can be machine washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. Don’t use bleaches, strong acids or strong alkalis.

Description of luminous sew on reflective tape

Luminous Sew On Reflective Tape for clothing comes in two major types: a glossy prismatic material made from vinyl and a matte finish fabric tape with an encapsulated lens. YGM’s ratings can be applied to both forms in order to ensure maximum brightness one or more ways. Glossy vinyl tape has the advantage of using fluorescent colors to reflect sunlight at night and boost daylight. However, the most important advantage of the fabric form is its great flexibility. Hence, it can be folded and bent along the line of the garment or gear onto which it is being sewn. Luminous Sew On Reflective Tape is most commonly used when attaching safety vests used for work zones. Alternatively, the fabric form is favored when we need to sew along clothing edges or into fabric recesses because of ease of use.

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