Light Reflective Fabric

Fabric color Can be silver, black, white, red, gray, blue, etc. Accept customized color.
Reflective color Silver or Rainbow.
Backing fabric 100% polyester, T/C, or spandex fabric,etc.

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Light reflective fabric FAQ guide

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Think about this! At YGM, we have a wide range of beautifully colored reflective fabrics that will provide you with absolute inspiration. A reflective fabric can be used for trimming, lining, safety garments, sportswear, etc. Light Reflective Fabric is one of the reflective fabrics provided by YGM Reflective. The following is a quick FAQ guide about reflective fabric material. Click on the question to see the answer.

Give a brief explanation of light reflective fabric

Safety equipment made from this reflective fabric will be highly visible. Additionally, the reflective properties can also be used for sporting goods; they ensure that one is seen from a great distance when jogging or biking at night.

Figure 1 Light Reflective Fabric

Figure 1: Light Reflective Fabric

Increasing the life of light reflective fabrics

  1. It is okay to use mild detergent when washing clothes in the machine, but not bleach or fabric softener.
  2. Avoid washing work jeans or clothing with rough fabric or edges. It is possible for the microscopic glass beads on the reflective fabric to be worn off due to the rough texture.
  3. Line dry if possible. When drying the machine dry, try to remove the product as soon as possible. Addition. It is possible to damage the reflective fabric with heat.

Reflective fabrics: how do they work?

The reflective effect in reflective fabrics is achieved through the use of tiny glass beads that bend light and reflect it off a mirrored surface behind the glass beads, passing back through the front surface and returning to the source of light. As a result, reflective fabrics illuminate when placed in dim lighting conditions.

Reflective fabrics are used in a variety of applications

Reflective coatings are applied to these fabrics in a variety of ways. For aesthetics or safety in the dark, custom reflective patterns can be applied to casual wear or active sportswear. In comparison with silk screen printing, it has a much brighter appearance and is more durable.

The features and benefits of light reflective fabrics

Are you looking for gear in inclement weather or on a starry night? We have the right fabric for you with our Light Reflective Fabric. It can be used in items requiring high visibility due to its high quality 100% polyester, tricot, or spandex fabric. An application of silver or rainbow is applied to the fabric followed by the application of glass reflective beads. The fabric is also UV resistant! The perfect outdoor accessory! There are many uses for this high visibility cloth fabric, such as boat covers, motorcycle covers, outdoor clothing, safety vests, bags, and much more. Various colors are available for this fabric!

  • Applicable to a variety of fabrics
  • Patterns that reflect light
  • Performance that is highly reflective
  • Ability to be washed repeatedly
  • Efficiencies in production
  • Pattern of continuous reflection, width up to 140cm
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