Holographic Reflective Vinyl

Item No D001-08CFD
Reflectivity >30CPL
Color Rainbow
Backing Fabric PES
Hot Pressing Temperature 130-140℃
Hot Pressing Time 10-15s
Hot Pressing Pressure 4-6kg/cm²
Washing Performance 40℃@25 cycles home washing
Application Suitable for hot pressing on polyester, webbing, cotton and other fabrics.

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Holographic reflective vinyl FAQ guide

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YGM Holographic Reflective Vinyl is ideal for creating clothing, decorations, arts and crafts! Multiple reflective colors make it easy to personalize iron on paper; no special tool is needed for weeding and pressing. Due to its unique reflective material, it appears to have different colors depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

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Holographic Reflective Vinyl becomes colorful by the application of heat under light for cameos which are particularly suitable for workout and competition clothes, running gear, reflective logos and letters such as police, rescue, coast guard, lifeguard, and so on. Using iron on transfer paper to personalize apparel and other DIY projects has never been easier and more enjoyable!

Holographic Reflective Vinyl

Figure 1:Holographic Reflective Vinyl

Holographic reflective vinyl process

  1. Use a plotter or laser cutter to design your logo;
  2. Remove excess vinyl by weeding;
  3. Iron your design for 10-15 seconds;
  4. Cold peel the protective film;
  5. Finish: Enjoy your DIY project.

Features of holographic reflective vinyl

This material is waterproof, moisture permeability, hydrolysis resistant, low-temperature resistant, mildew resistant, and antimicrobial. It can also be used in products that come into contact with water. Its color is incredible and does not fade easily. It has a bright appearance. The color changes depending on the source of light, the angle of view, and the surrounding environment. It is visible from all sides. Because our vinyl is thinner, lighter, and softer to the touch, it is ideal for t-shirts.

Example of Holographic Reflective Vinyl on T-shirt

Figure 2:Example of Holographic Reflective Vinyl on T-shirt

How permanent is holographic reflective vinyl?

As well as being used on T-shirts, holographic reflective vinyl is also used by some home decorators. The most popular home DIY project involves the use of holographic reflective vinyl sheets and cutting machines.

What caused the change in color?

There is a tendency that some HTV will come off with the carrier sheet if the carrier sheet is peeled while the vinyl is still hot. There was an insufficient bond between vinyl and fabric.

The vinyl should be allowed to cool completely before the carrier is peeled off. The Holographic Pearl is pink and yellow on white. The color of the Holographic Pearl changes to green, blue, or purple on black and gray.

Does holographic vinyl need to be mirrored?

The design of your holographic reflective vinyl must be mirrored. The shiny or color side of the vinyl should face down while the adhesive side should face up when loading the vinyl into the Cricut machines.

How waterproof is holographic vinyl?

Vinyl with multicolor holography is water-resistant. Its crystalline effect makes holographic reflective vinyl the perfect choice for any kind of t-shirt and craft project. It is best to use holographic reflective vinyl for your t-shirt

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