High Visibility Reflective Fabric

Fabric color Can be silver, black, white, red, gray, blue, etc. Accept customized color.
Reflective Color Silver or Rainbow.
Backing fabric 100% polyester, T/C, or spandex fabric,etc.

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High visibility reflective fabric FAQ guide

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Want to find your gear in adverse weather or under a starry sky? We offer an 8 oz. Sq. Yd.

The fabric you need is High Visibility Reflective Fabric. High visibility items can be made with this high quality polyester fabric. A fluorescent orange or aluminum color-coating is applied to the fabric before glass reflective beads are inserted. Furthermore, it is UV-resistant! The perfect solution for all your outdoor needs! There are many uses for this high visibility cloth fabric, including boat covers, motorcycle covers, clothing for the outdoors, safety vests, bags, etc. The polyester fabric can also be ordered in fluorescent orange or aluminum.  

With many years of experience in the R&D and production of reflective materials and clothing, YGM has become the largest manufacturer of these items in China. There are many reflective materials we offer, including high visibility reflective fabric, FR reflective tape, heat transfer film, reflective ribbon and yarn. The reflective materials we use are also applied to safety vests, high visibility jackets, and sportswear. All your inquiries about the high visibility reflective fabric are answered below.

What is high visibility reflective fabric?

Figure 1 High Visibility Reflective Fabric

Figure 1: High Visibility Reflective Fabric

It is critical for workers to wear high visibility reflective fabric clothing (e.g., vests, bibs, coveralls) so that others are able to recognize them (what they are wearing). The purpose of high-visibility clothing is to make workers more visible to drivers and other vehicles, especially during low-light or dark situations. The wearer can also wear high-visibility headwear when parts or all of his or her body are obscured by obstacles (e.g., leaves, trees, traffic barriers, construction materials, etc).

Why do I need to wear high visibility reflective fabric?

Figure 2 High Visibility Reflective Fabric

Figure 2: High Visibility Reflective Fabric

In low-light and poor visibility conditions, high visibility reflective fabric is essential, especially when working around moving vehicles (cars, trucks, or other machines such as forklifts, backhoes, etc.). Wearing high-visibility items makes you visible to drivers at longer distances, allowing them to respond appropriately, thereby increasing your safety. It is most effective when the eye is focused on large, contrasting, bright or moving items. It is more effective to see workers when their clothing and the environment in which they work have high color contrast.

How does high visibility reflective fabric work?

High visibility reflective fabrics work on the principle of retroreflection, where only a small amount of light is scattered upon returning, and are ideal for nighttime use. Many rays of reflected light return to their sources. As a result, wearers of reflective materials will appear more noticeable in their surroundings.

Light is also reflected directly back to the source by glass beads. Light is only visible to someone who is near the original light source, so in low-light conditions, one can perceive light. The reflective fabric on the clothing of someone can be seen for hundreds of feet.

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