Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing

Multiple styles PU, PVC, Chameleon, Temperature Change, 3D, Metallic, Luminescence, Glitter, Flock, etc
Composition PET+PU+TPU
Color Many colors available, can be customized.
Application It’s suitable for several areas of uses like decorations, branding, patches, reinforcement, logos etc.

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Heat transfer vinyl printing FAQ guide

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A variety of beautiful designs and graphics can be created with heat transfer vinyl printing. This allows you to print the design and then transfer it to the substrate of your choice. YGM offers a wide range of heating transfer vinyl, including PU, PVC, Glitter and Metallic, etc. Heat Transfer is a printing technique whereby specialty vinyls are applied to garments through a heat press. You can apply this vinyl in a single layer or you can layer it for more complex designs.

A vinyl transfer is useful for printing designs on surfaces that are difficult to reach with other methods, such as hats. Most fabrics can be treated with these machines to achieve high-quality results. Use our digital vinyl plotter to cut out numbers or lettering in a wide range of colors. Also available are special color finishes such as gloss, metallic, flock, and even glitter. We have a FAQ guide that will answer all of your questions regarding heat transfer vinyl printing.

What is HTV printing?

Figure 1 Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing

Figure 1: 3D heat transfer vinyl

In heat transfer vinyl printing, a heat transfer medium is used along with high temperatures to transfer the print. Using a heat transfer machine, a design artwork image is printed on one side of the heat transfer medium, then heat pressed onto the T-shirt.

How to use heat transfer vinyl printing?

  1. You can remove wrinkles from your fabric by heating it for 3-5 seconds to open up its fibers.
  2. Plotter or cutter to cut designs on vinyl.
  3. Remove vinyl parts that are not part of the final design.
  4. At 130-160 ℃, under the pressure of 0.2-0.5mpa, hot pressing for 15-20 seconds.
  5. After 30 seconds, peel off the protective film on the surface.

How to wash heat transfer vinyl printing?

  • Do not wash for 24 hours
  • Use the full spin cycle on a washing machine
  • Hand washing or delicate cycles are not recommended
  • Dry on a rack

What are the necessary materials for htv printing?

  • Heat Press– Different models of heat presses serve different purposes.
  • Heat-resistant sheets -Teflon sheets that are placed between the heating platen and transfer paper to prevent burning and keep the press clean.
  • Heat Pads– Located on the bottom platen of the press, these pads act as the surface on which your product rests during the heat transfer process.
  • Heat Press Machine– Three items to focus on in a heat press machine are its temperature, time, and pressure settings.
  • Vinyl Cutter– this is used for cutting out your logo from transfer paper so that it can be applied to the product.
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