Green Reflective Tape

ItemAdvertisement grade, Engineering grade, High intensity grade, High intensity prismatic grade
TypePET, Acrylic, PC or PVC type

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Green reflective tape FAQ guide

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If you need something with a high level of visibility at night, and one with a long life cycle, YGM is an excellent choice. The tape with glass beads on the surface has a good reflective effect at the entrance. There is no limit to what this adhesive system will adhere to since it adheres to most clean, dry surfaces. High-strength products have higher reflectance values than standard engineering grade products. Applications should be limited to relatively flat surfaces.

This product is suitable for rugged outdoor applications such as loading docks, barricades, and equipment. The product resists weather, impact, abrasion, and solvents. There is a high-tack pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive that can last for up to 5 years. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions in our FAQ Guide below.

What is green reflective safety tape?

Figure 1 Reflective Tape (Green)

Figure 1: Reflective Tape (Green)

There are several applications for green retro-reflective tape. Material widths include 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 12 inch, and 24 inch. It is generally considered safe to enter an area when the color green is present. In addition to that, it is also used for the background of informational signs. Objects that need to be viewed at night, such as channel markers, bollards, signs, gates, dumpsters, and the like, are also covered in this material.

Can it be used easily?

Weather-resistant and waterproof. It is easy to paste reflective tape with PVC adhesive, which has a certain degree of flexibility that resists peeling and tearing. It also has strong adhesion and is easy to peel and tear. In some cases, stickiness lasts longer than service life. We manufacture reflective safety sign tape that is tough, durable, and can withstand constant use, to ensure human safety at all times.

Is your green retro-reflective rape flexible?

Figure 2 Green Reflective Tape

Figure 2: Green Reflective Tape

The flexible surface of our reflective tape allows you to stick this tape to all shapes of curved surfaces, right angles, it’s incredible – the brightest reflective tape around! It can be used on aluminum, wood, steel, garage doors, pickup trucks, helmets, trailers, trucks, mailboxes, bikes, cars, trailers, backpacks, and more.

How can I apply this type of reflective tape?

Figure 3 Reflective Tape in color green

Figure 3: Reflective Tape in color green

When aligning the reflective tape with the paste surface, stick the adhesive tape on and rub the surface repeatedly to squeeze out the air to ensure it is perfectly bonded. Gargle the paste surface with water to remove any dust particles, but make sure it remains clean, dry, and flat. Don’t paste more than once, and be sure to paste successfully the first time.

Is there an after-sales service available?

Yes, of course! Our after-sale service is available to you if you are not completely satisfied with the security reflective tape we offer you. Thank you, we have worked hard so don’t reject us. If you have difficulties, you are welcome to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you! Don’t worry about anything

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