Blue Reflective Tape

Item Advertisement grade, Engineering grade, High intensity grade, High intensity prismatic grade
Type PET, Acrylic, PC or PVC type
Color Blue

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Blue reflective tape FAQ guide

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Featuring a highly visible diamond pattern, blue reflective tape is highly visible. Providing extra visibility on dark roads, it catches light no matter what angle you look at it from. It features a spherical reflective design that can be reflected from different angles. Driving at night is more secure with high reflective tape. The following details provide more information.

A brief overview of blue reflective safety tape

Reflective safety tapes are made from soft PVC material, so they can be used on curved surfaces. This product is more shiny, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, waterproof, sun-resistant, and scratch-resistant. It was fairly easy to apply. Neither bubbles nor tears appeared, nor were there any curls or other bad behaviors.

Figure 1 Reflective Tape (Blue)

Figure 1: Reflective Tape (Blue)

The product has a high adhesive strength

After 24 hours, the back side will achieve 100% strength because of the high initial adhesive. It is resistant to extreme temperatures, and won’t be damaged by the elements. It can be stuck on metal, wood, plastic, stone, and glass, with no residue left behind. Prior to using, make sure the gluing surface is clean and that the sticky side is not touched.

Figure 2 High adhesive product

Figure 2: High adhesive product

The product's application

There are a wide variety of hazardous areas to mark, including parking garages, parking structures, warehouses, storage units, offices, classrooms, hospitals, hotels, banks, shopping centers, garages, roads, factories, machinery, restaurants, etc. We offer endless possibilities with our Tape.

It not only makes these items easy to spot in a dark car seat, but it also looks stylish. To ensure that a flashlight will find it if the package gets lost in a dark corner, I placed a strip on the package being mailed overseas. You can use it during the dark hours of the Preflight before takeoff or in an emergency.

Figure 3 Blue Reflective Strips Application

Figure 3: Blue Reflective Strips Application

The product's features

  • A reflective tape is a non-metalized micro-prismatic retroreflective sheeting that is more bright in the day and at night than a beaded engineer-grade tape
  • In addition to reflecting commercial signs, prismatic sheeting is widely used for high-visibility safety markings. The signs can also be used to indicate no parking, restricted parking, and reserved parking
  • Marking tape is suitable for both private and professional use. The product makes baby strollers, bikes, outdoor gear, pet collars, and more more visible
  • Performance life of 7 years is guaranteed by ASTM D4956 Type I reflective tape, which meets and exceeds ASTM D4956 Type I specifications

Notes on reflective tape:

The reflection of reflective tape creates a stunning glowing effect when light is directed directly at it. There is one important thing you should know about reflective tapes: they are not LEDs, and they don’t light up. It is the reflected light that reflects back toward the light sources. Make sure the lights are placed in front of the audience or near the camera recording the action for the best results.

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