Blue Reflective Fabric

Fabric color Blue
Reflective color Aurora rainbow, Segmented rainbow or Blue purple-light rainbow
Backing fabric 100% polyester, T/C, or spandex fabric,etc

ygmreflective factory

Blue reflective fabric FAQ guide

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YGM Reflective Blue Reflective Fabric features wide-angle retroreflective lenses for direct light reflection. In this line, polyester/cotton-backed reflective materials can be washed at home, with a minimum coefficient of reflection of 100 after washing. Please read the following information about Blue Reflective Fabric for more details.

Give an overview of blue reflective fabric

Fabrics that are made of blue reflective fabric include polyester, T/C, spandex, etc. There are no traces left behind when you crease it. By touch, this textile is very smooth, it does not have any hardness. In the sunbeams, its color will fluoresce and become more intense. The retro reflective coating makes this fabric flash in the dark as soon as even the slightest light touches it. Approximately 250 meters are needed to see the reflection. Youth clothes with blue reflective fabric include cloaks, sweater jackets, windbreakers, jackets, hoodies, shorts, and more.

Figure 1 Blue Reflective Fabric

Figure 1:  Blue Reflective Fabric

A description of the features and benefits of blue reflective fabric

An interesting color complements the sportswear and outfit. In addition to being attractive, our reflective fabric perfectly complements various kinds of textiles while providing safety in the dark when you wear items made of it. It makes you more visible at night thanks to its light reflective properties. The color of this textile solution looks really modern, and it is used for clothing, bags, and accessories for youth.

Blue reflective fabric applications

As thousands of cars pass by road construction workers while they are working at night, reflective fabric was originally designed primarily for workwear, especially for road construction workers on highways. Besides work uniforms, this kind of light reflective fabric is also used in modern casual clothes, bags, sportswear, and sport outfits. In addition to outdoor clothing and shoes, this textile can be used to make reflective insets.

Reflective fabrics have many advantages

  • The design is attractive;
  • Its reflective layer remains intact after washing up to 40 times;
  • Sunlight and UV light fluoresce (make this fabric visible);
  • Increases visibility from a distance of more than 250 meters;
  • A high-quality homogeneous coating is applied to this material;
  • Warp-resistant polyester

At YGM, you can find a variety of reflective fabrics

In fashion design, it is very important to use a variety of colors. Various manufacturing techniques have made color reflective fabrics available for selection as per requirements, so silver is no longer your only option for reflective designs.

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