Black Reflective Tape

Item Advertisement grade, Engineering grade
Type PET or Acrylic type
Service life Advertisement grade:3 years; Engineering grade:5 years
Feasible operating temperature PET type: 5-30℃; Acrylic type: 18-28℃
Color Black

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Black reflective tape FAQ guide

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The YGM company has experience in the production of reflective materials, with a variety of national certifications. We manufacture and provide reflective sheeting, reflective fabric, advertisement grade, and license plate grade reflective sheeting. Samples are free and quotes are provided immediately.

This is all about reflective tape (black).

Reflective self-adhesive tape in black (reflects white) is very popular for use on vehicles. Both indoors and outdoors, as well as in private and commercial settings, this reflective tape is widely used. Because it offers superior visibility of hazards, it prevents accidents at any time of day.

Tape works due to two factors:

  • In the daytime, it disappears into a black surface
  • At night, the underlying white layer will reflect light back towards the source.


In order for the above to be bright, two technologies must be used:

  • Translucency of the black layer on top
  • Underlying white layer’s brightness

It is extremely important to choose the one brand of reflective tape that performs much better than the underlying base alone, since reflective tape is less bright.

How come? Due to its noticeable brightness and superior adhesive, YGM superior adhesives are more durable.

Additionally, we offer black reflective sheets and reflective rolls in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

Furthermore, we will create Custom sizes of the tape regardless of your intended use.

Figure 1 Black Reflective Tape

Figure 1: Black Reflective Tape

Interested in finding an ideal PET  black reflective tape manufacturer & supplier? With our wide selection and affordable prices, we can help you get creative. Our products are all guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Whenever you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Safety tape that is black and reflective.

The use of reflective warning tapes is ideal for marking hazards throughout your facility so that accidents can be reduced. For extra safety, use this product. Suitable for daylight, low light, and nighttime conditions. A peel-off backing and permanent acrylic adhesive make the engineer grade type 1 reflective tape easy to handle.

This tape is made from engineer grade reflective with bounce back reflectivity, highlighting machinery, equipment, racking, poles, dock doors, barricades, fences, and identifying hazards in order to increase safety awareness and reduce accidental damage.

Figure 2 Black by Day - White at Night

Figure 2: Black by Day – White at Night

Advertisement grade self adhesive black reflective film: Feature

  • At night, this sticky reflective material is damp-proof and strong.
  • Customers can request a custom width.
  • Customers can request custom lengths according to their needs.
  • A PET film with reflective material is widely used for temporary traffic signs and advertising signs.

The advantage of black reflective tape

Black reflective tape is one of our most popular products. During the day, it blends into dark surfaces like gates, but at night when light hits it, it reflects brightly. Many people use it because it is black during the day and can be seen against a light background, like a police car, but then reflects brightly at night. Due to the fact that it goes from black to white, it is a very versatile film.

Figure 3 Black Reflective Tape

Figure 3: Black Reflective Tape

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